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Baroid IDP first applied its vast experience and technology to the water well industry in the early 1950's. Armed with the philosophy of providing the highest quality products and unsurpassed on-site expertise Baroid IDP soon became the undisputed industry leader. Now, over 50 years later, the same principle of quality and service remains as our operating philosophy and proof of Baroid Industrial Drilling Products' commitment to the water well industry.

The water well industry requires drilling fluid products that are multi-purpose, easy-to-use, environmentally acceptable and most importantly, effective. These requirements were the driving force behind the development of QUIK-GEL® premium grade, finely ground high-yield Wyoming sodium montmorillonite. QUIK-GEL viscosifier is specifically designed, with adequate make-up water and mixing equipment, to mix easily and completely yield within a matter of minutes. QUIK-GEL viscosifier provides for the formation of a thin filtercake with low permeability and excellent suspension properties. These properties make QUIK-GEL viscosifier the standard of the industry in providing hole stability and the basis for adequate filtration control in permeable sands and unconsolidated zones.

One of the greatest challenges faced in water well drilling is the extreme dynamics and variation in geologic formations that can be encountered during the drilling process. These formations can range from highly permeable sands, and unconsolidated gravels to reactive, swelling clays. Sands and gravels require additional filtration control for borehole stability. And when such reactive clay formations are encountered, the drilling contractor must recognize and react accordingly to the situation.

The addition of QUIK-TROL® or QUIK-TROL LV filtration control additives to a QUIK-GEL drilling fluid lowers the filtrate volume and strengthens the filtercake to increase borehole stability.

The presence of swelling/reactive clays is an indication for the need of a polymer encapsulating or coating the clay particle to render it inert. This works to control otherwise problematic hole conditions that can be caused by swelling and disintegration of the reactive clay. Baroid IDP addressed this situation with the development of EZ-MUD ® polymer emulsion. This high molecular weight, PHPA liquid polymer emulsion is designed to coat shale or clay and retard the swelling process long enough to complete the well. EZ-MUD polymer emulsion provides shale/clay stabilization and viscosity and is highly compatible with QUIK-GEL-based fluids. Advancements in polymer chemistry have led to EZ-MUD GOLD polymer, a dry, easily mixed beaded PHPA. EZ-MUD GOLD polymer provides improved shale and clay stabilization with minimal viscosity effects.

If you have a drilling problem, Baroid IDP has the solution through high-quality products and dependable service. To receive information on these and other quality Baroid Industrial Drilling Products, please contact your local BAROID IDP distributor or call BAROID IDP at (877) 379-7412 toll-free, or (281) 871-4613 outside the U.S.

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