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Well Rehabilitation

Well rehabilitation is the process of restoring a well to its most efficient condition by use of mechanical and chemical means. With use and age the productivity of water wells typically deteriorates. Loss of productivity is indicated by a decrease in well yield and capacity, or by negative water quality issues such as increased turbidity, water color changes, or odor and taste changes due to bacterial growth. The decline could be caused by one or more factors including scale formation on the casing, bio fouling or bio mass buildup, or sedimentation in the filter pack.

All of these conditions are at least partially reversible and well rehabilitation should be considered. Well rehabilitation is suitable for water wells, dewatering wells, monitoring wells, contaminant extraction wells, aquifer storage and recovery wells and can also be used to treat cooling towers, water treatment equipment and distribution lines. Typically rehabilitation costs are 20-30% of the cost to replace an existing well with a new well. And rehabilitating an existing well or system has a smaller environmental impact than redrilling or rebuilding.

The methods used in well rehabilitation are separate and distinct from those used to drill, complete and develop a new well. Some of our products are specific to well rehabilitation processes and have singular purposes and others follow the Baroid IDP philosophy of cross functionality where a product can be used in several different drilling disciplines to achieve the desired results.

Contact Baroid IDP's staff of Field Service Professionals and Technical Support personnel for recommendations on how our products can make a success of your well rehabilitation project.

  • AQUA-CLEAR® AE Acid Enhancer/Antifoulant
    AQUA-CLEAR® AE liquid blend of acids and acid enhancers is formulated to control bacterial slime contamination due to the presence of iron-related and sulphate-reducing bacteria.
  • AQUA-CLEAR® PFD Polymer Dispersant
    AQUA-CLEAR PFD concentrated liquid polymer is a dispersant that provides superior mud and sediment removal from the producing formation and gravel pack.

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