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Grouting Products

Grouting products are designed to create a low permeability seal in the annular space between the borehole wall and the installed product, such as a well casing or geothermal heat loop, or for the abandonment of a borehole or decommissioning of an existing well where a seal to the surface is required.

  • AQUAGUARD® Grouting Material
    AQUAGUARD® single-sack grout contains granular Wyoming sodium bentonite blended with inorganic additives. The grout is designed for sealing the annular space around monitor or water well casing.
  • BAROID® BENTONITE PELLETS Sealing and Plugging Material
    BAROID® bentonite pellets are compressed, shaped pellets of high-yielding, untreated Wyoming bentonite. BAROID bentonite pellets are available in three sizes: 1/4", 3/8", and 1/2".
  • BAROID® GRANULAR BENTONITE Sealing and Plugging Material
    BAROID® GRANULAR specially processed, 30-mesh sodium bentonite is used in sealing and grouting boreholes and earthen structures to help seal leaking ponds and earthen structures.
    BAROTHERM® GOLD thermally conductive grout is a bentonite material designed for use in grouting boreholes containing ground source heat loops, and related applications.
  • BENSEAL® Sealing and Plugging Agent
    BENSEAL® sealing and plugging agent is a granular (8-mesh), natural Wyoming sodium bentonite for use in sealing and grouting well casings and earthen structures.
  • BENSEAL® and EZ-MUD® Slurry
    The BENSEAL® and EZ-MUD® slurry combines two widely used Baroid products into a patented technique that provides a simple, economical method to seal and grout boreholes, well casings and earthen structures.
  • BORE-GROUT™-Horizontal Heal Loop Grout
    BORE-GROUT™ horizontal heat loop grout is a bentonite grout designed for use in grouting boreholes containing horizontally installed ground source heat loops.
  • CASING SEAL™ Sealing and Plugging Material
    CASING SEAL™ sodium bentonite is a mixture of random-sized particles of a utility grade, granular Wyoming sodium bentonite, a naturally occurring, non-treated swellable clay.
  • EZ-SEAL® Grouting and Sealing Material
    EZ-SEAL® one-sack, easily mixed granular bentonite product intended for use as a grouting and plugging material.
  • HOLEPLUG® Graded Sodium Bentonite
    HOLEPLUG® sodium bentonite is a naturally occurring Wyoming sodium bentonite clay that is sized and graded chip material used to seal and plug earthen boreholes.
  • QUIK-GROUT® Borehole Grouting and Plugging Material
    QUIK-GROUT® sodium-based bentonite is a single-sack, easy-to-use grout designed for grouting water wells, monitoring wells, and for plugging holes.
    SHUR-GEL®, drilling fluid conditioner, is a finely ground, premium sodium bentonite additive designed to improve the fluid properties of existing water based drilling fluids.

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