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Friction can be controlled with liquid lubricants that reduce the coefficient of friction between pipe and wellbore. Our lubricants include polymers that effectively adhere to pipe surfaces and lessen adhesion between pipe and mud solids.

  • EP MUDLUBE® Extreme Pressure Lubricant
    EP MUDLUBE modified tall oil fatty acid can be used to impart extreme pressure lubricating properties to drilling fluids.
  • NXS-LUBE® Extreme Pressure Lubricant
    Proprietary blend of synthetic components formulated to help provide friction reduction in water-based fluids
  • LUBRA-BEADS® Spherical Bead Lubricant
    LUBRA-BEADS® spherical bead lubricant is comprised of copolymer beads and are available in two sizes, coarse and fine.
  • BARO-LUBE GOLD SEAL™ Drilling Fluid Lubricant
    BARO-LUBE GOLD SEAL™ lubricant is a liquid additive specifically formulated for use in industrial drilling applications where environmental constraints preclude the use of hydrocarbon-based additives.
  • CORE-LUBE™ Core Barrel Lubricant
    CORE-LUBE natural linseed-based soft soap is used as a core barrel lubricant on diamond core drills.
    DINOMUL™ 2 torque reducer is a specially formulated, aqueous solution designed to help provide friction reduction and improve lubrication characteristics of water-based drilling fluids.

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Summary Summary NXS-LUBE Spanish
Spanish PDS
Summary Summary NXS-LUBE
NXS-LUBE extreme pressure (EP) lubricant is a proprietary blend ofsynthetic components specially formulated to help provide frictionreduction in water-based fluids. NXS-LUBE extreme pressure lubricant has proven extremely effective in helping to minimize friction pressures inthe metal-to-metal and metal-to-formation environments found in highangle wells.
Summary Summary LUBR-ABEADS Spherical Bead Lubricant
Summary Summary NXS-LUBE - Русский
Смазка для работы при высоких давлениях NXS-LUBE представляетсобой фирменную смесь синтетических компонентов специальноподготовленных для уменьшения трения при использованиирастворов на водной основе. Смазка NXS-LUBE эффективноснижает трение металла о металл и металла о породу вкрутонаклоненных скважинах.
Summary Summary EP MUDLUBE - Русский
Смазка EP MUDLUBE представляет собой жирную кислоту таллового масла предназначенная для придания смазочных свойств буровым жидкостям используемым привысоких давлениях. Материал EP MUDLUBE легко адсорбируется открытых поверхностях создавая пленку способствующую снижению трения металла об металл.
Summary Summary BAR0-LUBE GOLD SEAL Drilling Fluid Lubricant
product data sheet
Summary Summary CORE-LUBE - Español
CORE-LUBE es un producto natural a base de jabón de linaza naturalutilizado como lubricante de barriles de coring en perforacionesdiamantinas.
Summary Summary EP MUDLUBE
EP MUDLUBE modified tall oil fatty acid can be used to impart extreme pressurelubricating properties to drilling fluids. EP MUDLUBE readily adsorbs on exposedsurfaces providing a physical coating that is effective in reducing metal-to-metalfriction.
Summary Summary CORE-LUBE - Русский
Смазка CORE-LUBE представляет собой природное жидкое мыло наоснове льняного семени используемое для смазки керноотборников прибурении алмазной коронкой.
Summary Summary CORE-LUBE
CORE-LUBE is a natural linseed-based soft soap used as a core barrellubricant on diamond core drills.
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