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Minerals Exploration represents one of the largest and most challenging markets in the industrial drilling industry. This is a result of several factors including extreme geologic conditions, operator requirements, drilling methods and environmental concerns. These and other elements place a tremendous degree of importance on the drilling fluids utilized in coring and drilling operations.

Baroid IDP has long been a worldwide leader for drilling fluid applications in the Minerals Exploration industry. Baroid IDP has expertise in mineral drilling environments worldwide, from North and South America to Asia and Australia.

Baroid IDP has utilized the superior properties and performance of QUIK-GEL® high-yielding Wyoming sodium bentonite viscosifier to provide quick development of viscosity, fluid loss control and a high quality filter cake with low permeability. These factors provide for the stabilization of broken and unconsolidated formations predominate in mineralized regions. QUIK-GEL viscosifier is specifically designed, with adequate make-up water and mixing equipment, to mix easily and hydrate within a matter of minutes. The rapid hydration and low-solids system provided by QUIK-GEL viscosifier makes it the bentonite of choice for minerals exploration.

The dynamic geologic conditions encountered in mineralized areas require optimization of the drilling fluid properties. Permeable and unconsolidated formations coupled with reactive shales and clays present a threat to bore hole stability and potential loss of core recovery. The combination of QUIK-GEL viscosifier and polymer additives such as QUIK-TROL®, QUIK-TROL LV and DEXTRID® filtration control agents allow for the effective reduction of filtration rate thereby promoting bore hole stability in permeable or unconsolidated formations.

Reactive shales and clays require more aggressive polymers to control swelling and sloughing. Baroid IDP addressed this requirement with the use of EZ-MUD® stabilizer. This high molecular weight, PHPA liquid emulsion is designed to encapsulate shale or clay and retard the swelling process long enough to complete drilling operations. Advancements in polymer chemistry led to the introduction of EZ-MUD GOLD dry polymer with superior mixing and inhibitive qualities. EZ-MUD additives provide shale/clay stabilization without excessive viscosity and is highly compatible with QUIK-GEL-based fluids.

When you encounter reduced core recovery or problematic hole conditions Baroid IDP has the solution through superior products and service to take care of your individual needs. For more information concerning these and other quality Baroid IDP products contact your local BAROID IDP Distributor or call BAROID IDP at (877) 379-7412 toll free, or (281) 871-4613 outside the U.S.

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