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Horizontal Directional Drilling Products

Product Name Description
AQUA-CLEAR® PFD Dispersant Liquid polymer dispersant
BAROLIFT® Hole cleaning/ suspension aid Chemical temperature stable synthetic fiber
BIO-BORE™ HDD fluid concentrate Clay-free, biodegradable drilling fluid
BORE-GEL® Horizontal boring fluid One-sack boring fluid system for use in HDD
CON DET® Wetting agent Water soluble surfactant blend
DIAMOND SEAL® Lost circulation material Water-swellable crystalline dry polymer
DINOMUL® Wellbore stabilizing fluid Aqueous lubricating fluid for torque reduction
EZ-MUD® Borehole stabilizer/viscosifier PHPA liquid polymer emulsion
EZ-MUD® GOLD Clay/shale stabilizer Dispersable, low viscosity, PHPA dry polymer
IDP-681 Polymer-Based HDD Fluid Polymer-bsaed HDD fluid system
N-SEAL™ Lost circulation material Acid soluble lost circulation material
NO-SAG® Suspension enhancer Biopolymer additive
PENETROL® Rate of penetration enhancer Water miscible proprietary blend of surfactants
POLY-BORE™ Borehole stabilizing agent PHPA dry polymer high molecular weight
QUIK-GEL® High-yield gellant/viscosifier High yield treated sodium bentonite
QUIK-TROL® Filtration control/viscosifier Dry modified cellulosic polymer
QUIK-TROL® LV Filtration control Low viscosity dry cellulosic polymer
Soda Ash pH adjustment/water softener Sodium carbonate
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