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The MAX-YIELD System

The Next Generation in Geothermal Grout

Geothermal Ground Source Heat Pumps are among the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly heating, cooling, and water heating systems available. The industry demands operational efficiency when installing these systems.

MAX-YIELDBaroid Industrial Drilling Products, a long-time leader in the industry, meets the demand for efficiency and added value with the new MAX-YIELD™ Geothermal Grouting System. The MAX-YIELD System provides a stable grout with low permeability and enhanced susbsurface heat transfer of ground source heat loops. The system combines two parts in a one-to-one ratio to achieve a desired thermal conductivity.

The MAX-YIELD™ HP low solids geothermal grout combines with MAX-YIELD™ TCM thermally conductive media and water to yield a grout with a resultant thermal conductivity ranging from 1.0 to 1.2 BTU/ft·hr·°F (1.73 – 2.08 watts/m∙°C)

This "one sack of grout to one sack of thermally conductive media" system allows for reduced transportation, logistics and handling costs compared to traditional grout designs that utilize two or more sacks of grout to a single bag of thermally conductive media. The design of the MAX-YIELD™ System focuses on enhanced mixability of the grout slurry, low pumping pressures and reduced pumping time. 


  1. Uses approximately half the amount of grout compared to traditional applications
  2. Reduced on-site material footprint and handling requirements
  3. Helps minimize overall logistics and operational costs
  4. Meets and exceeds industry standard for hydraulic conductivity of < 1x10-7cm/sec
  5. Produces a uniform slurry for smooth and efficient pumping

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