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The primary purpose of a grout column in the geothermal heating and cooling industry is to provide a thermally conductive pathway between the geothermal loop system and the earth.

Secondarily, the grout has to form a low permeability seal to prevent contamination of the subsurface from the surface.

Thermal conductivity, or k value, is a measurement of the grouts ability to transfer heat. The geothermal design engineer specifies the k value for the grout based on the design parameters of the system and the k value of the formations where the loop field will be installed.

Baroid IDP has grouts that cover the wide range of k values between .4 and 1.6 BTU/hr·ft·°F. Simple bentonite grouts are used where a k value of .4 BTU/hr·ft·°F is required.

The MAX-YIELD™ System is a bentonite based grout combined with a thermally conductive media to yield a grout with a resultant thermal conductivity ranging from 1.0 to 1.2 BTU/hr·ft·°F.

Barotherm and Barotherm Plus are bentonite grouts enhanced by the addition of silica sand and cover the k value range above .4 to 1.2 BTU/hr·ft·°F. For extreme situations IDP-357 can reach a k value of 1.6 BTU/hr·ft·°F.

Baroid IDP has the products and the knowledge and expertise of local IDP Field Representatives supported by our IDP Technical staff for the proper grout recommendations and procedures to make your grout job a success.

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