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Cement grouts are used where bentonite grouts are not appropriate due to subsurface water chemistry or geochemistry, or where local regulations mandate the use of cement grouts. Cement grouts are used where formation water chemistry has excessive chloride or hardness contents, above 1500 mg/l chlorides and 500 mg/l calcium and magnesium hardness. Cement is also used where the presence of other contaminants would interfere with the hydration of bentonite grouts.

Neat cement has several inherent characteristics that may be problematic during placement and in forming a competent seal. Dehydration of the cement slurry can contribute to plugging of tremie lines, poor bonding of the slurry to the formation and casing, and may cause subsidence of the grout column.

Baroid IDP's BARAD-381TM cement additive provides enhanced flow properties and filtration control to improve pumping efficiency, bonding characteristics and to limit subsidence of the cement slurry over neat cement alone and contributes to a successful cement job.


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