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Grouting is the process of placing an effective seal in a borehole. The sealing agents used are generally known as grouts. To be effective they must be easy to put in place and must have a very low permeability to limit the migration of contaminants to the subsurface. Arguably the grouting and sealing of a borehole properly and effectively have the most to do with the health and safety of the users of a well or who are in the vicinity of an abandoned well.

The objective of proper grouting is to replace the native material removed during drilling with a product that meets or exceeds the sealing capability of the native material removed. A borehole provides a conduit for contamination from the surface to the subsurface. The grout must support the well casing and seal the annular space between the well casing and the borehole wall to maintain and protect water quality by preventing contamination from the surface and to prevent co-mingling of subsurface aquifers.

Grouts used in industrial applications fall into two general categories, bentonite based or cement based. Bentonite grouts can be either ground and sized natural bentonite clay, such as Baroid IDP's HOLEPLUG® and BENSEAL® grouts, or bentonite blended with additives, such as QUIK-GROUT® and AQUAGUARD® blended dispersible grouts. Cementicious grouts are cement-based systems. The performance of neat cement can be improved by the addition of Baroid BARAD-381TM powder to enhance bonding characteristics and promote ease of placement.

The required grout characteristics vary by industry. Grouts used for geothermal heat loop installations, such as the MAX-YIELDTM  Geothermal Grout System  or BAROTHERM® MAX or BAROTHERM® GOLD grouts, should have high thermal conductivity characteristics along with the requisite sealing abilities. The correct choice of grouting product depends on the intended use, subsurface geology, and subsurface water chemistry and must comply with federal, state and local well construction codes.

Baroid Industrial Drilling Products supplies a complete line of grouts to all drilling disciplines and has a staff of local Field Representatives and Technical Support personnel with the knowledge and technical skills to analyze your project and recommend the proper grouting products to ensure a successful seal.

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