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Drilled Shaft Applications

The drilled shaft industry places the highest demand on the slurry performance of any drilling discipline. Fluids are simple by design yet are required to stabilize a wide range of very unstable soils. They accomplish this without affecting side or end load bearing properties. Baroid IDP has been a leader in providing products and technology since the drilled shaft industry's inception. One choice of drilling contractors is to use a bentonite based slurry. AQUAGEL® premium grade sodium bentonite, the industry standard, provides maximum solids for the formation of a high-quality thin wall cake in permeable zones and minimizes swelling of clay zones. There are numerous sources of inferior grade sodium bentonite as well as calcium bentonite being sold. However, AQUAGEL sodium bentonite can assure the drilled shaft contractor of receiving the highest purity and maximum hydratable solids of any bentonite available. QUIK-TROL® dry polyanionic cellulose can be added if the drilling conditions require additional filtration control, improved clay inhibition and a tighter, less permeable wall cake.

Another option available to the drilled shaft contractor is to use a polymer slurry if soil conditions allow. EZ-MUD® PLUS emulsion polymer is manufactured to the tightest specifications of any similar polymer in the market. EZ-MUD PLUS polymer mixes very quickly, providing high viscosity and clay inhibition so drilling can commence soon after slurry preparation. Baroid Industrial Drilling Products' technical leadership backed by an extensive research & development department allowed the introduction in the early 1990's of POLY-BORE™ dry PHPA (partially hydrolyzed polyacrylamide/polyacrylate). POLY-BORE PHPA offers the highest molecular weight combined with the highest anionic charge of any dry polymer available. This can translate into more viscosity development and the highest inhibitive properties per pound of the product of any dry polymer available in the industry. Its fine particle size allows for quick and complete hydration to help prevent the formation of unwanted fish eyes (unhydrated polymer).

Baroid IDP's ongoing research will continue to provide new products and technology to the drilled shaft industry. Whatever the drilled shaft application, Baroid IDP has the specific product for the job and the field personnel available to help the customer properly use it. For more information concerning these and other quality Baroid IDP products contact your local BAROID IDP Distributor or call BAROID IDP at (877) 379-7412 toll-free, or (281) 871-4613 outside the U.S.

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