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Downtown Houston Boyer Inc. Microtunneling Project

CenterPoint Energy, provider of electrical service to 2 million businesses and residences in the Houston area, is upgrading overhead lines with approximately 10,400 lf or pipe. CenterPoint hired Houston-based Boyer Inc. to install more than 2 miles of 30 in. pipe to house 138 kV cables via three individual 8 in. HDPE and one 4 in HDPE conduit lines with a thermally conductive grout fill.

Boyer worked with BAROID IDP in customizing a drilling fluid recipe for lubricating and maintaining the hole in the Beaumont clay that was encountered along most of the alignment. The recipe included QUIK MUD® GOLD clay and shale stabilizer, QUIK-TROL® GOLD LV highly dispersible low viscosity filtration control additive, AQUAGEL® viscosifier and Soda Ash alkalinity agent.

Long Island Railroad / Amtrak Tunnel Project

The first of two tunneling projects for the Long Island Railroad / Amtrak commenced Monday, February 2010 and ended March 2010. The second project started in March 2010 and finished in April 2010.

During the course of this project, the following Baroid IDP products were used: BORE-GEL®, DINOMUL®, IDP-502 (BORE-GROUT), N-SEAL™, QUIK-TROL® GOLD, IDP-497 (QUIK-TROL® LVand SODA ASH.

Large Diameter Shaft Job (October 2009-May 2010)

On the large diameter shaft job with Viet Construction, there were 4 holes drilled at an average depth of 105 feet. A rotary drill mounted to a large crain was used for drilling. The diameter of the auger was 24 feet.

A 6,000 gallon mixing system with 2 venturi hoppers was built for mixing the fluid; it had a 600 gpm pump running and 2 jet lines with 8 each 1/4 inch jets to mix fluid.. A 350 gpm mud recycler was used to keep fluid clean.

An 18 foot diameter casing was installed into the hole to 50 feet, then a 16' diameter casing was telescoped inside to the bottom of the borehole, and the casings were cemented into place upon completion.

Holes were used for access ports for a tunnel boring machine; the TBM was installing a 12 foot diameter sewer main.

IDP products used included AQUAGEL® (50lb/100Gal); PAC-R™ (1lb/100Gal). Make up water was treated with 1lb/100Gal of SODA ASH.

Baroid IDP designed the fluid system, wrote the mud and drilling plan, and gave weekly site visits.

National Driller - Geothermal Grout Article (October 2009)

Click on link above to view the article in the October 2009 issue of National Driller magazine, written by Ryan Collins and Toby McClain of Baroid IDP.

Ball State University Geothermal Project (July 2009)

Baroid IDP has been an integral part of the nationally recognized Ball State University ground source geothermal heating and cooling project. The four year project has been an ambitious green initiative which will eliminate four coal-fired boilers on the Muncie, IN campus. The project began in July 2009 and is still an ongoing project. There are 3200 holes, averaging 400 ft deep and 5.62" in diameter with 2 loops per hole. BAROTHERM® GOLD grout was used at .69 thermal conductivity, and 45,000 bags off this product have been pumped. Other projects used in the project include BORE-GEL®, EZ-MUD® GOLD, QUIK-MUD® D-50, FUSE-IT®, N-SEAL®, and DIAMOND SEAL®.

Habitat for Humanity - Lawrenceville, GA (May 2009)

Baroid IDP participated in a Habitat for Humanity project in Lawrenceville, GA. Together with faculty from the Gwinnett Technical College and students from the Air Conditioning Technology program, they designed and installed a geothermal heat pump system.

Geothermal Project - Auburn, NY (January 2009)

In January of 2009, Baroid IDP was invited to participate in the installation of a geothermal heat loop that was featured in an NBC news segment featuring the growth of the geothermal heat pump industry.

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