VIBRA-GUARD® Rod Grease is a high performance complex grease designed for challenging subsurface conditions and extended service life. VIBRA-GUARD® Rod Grease is recommended for the effective dampening of high frequency vibration experienced in wireline coring applications due to loss of fluid returns and/or loss of static fluid level within the bore hole. 

Applications and Functions

  • Reduced drill rod vibration in surface or underground wireline coring applications 
  • Improved resistance to washing by water and/or water based drilling fluids 
  • Easy and uniform application in hot or cold conditions due to composition and texture 
  • Reduced frequency of re-application due to superior adhesion properties of grease 
  • Mitigation of drill string corrosion 


  • Effective at high and low temperature applications (0°F to 300°F) or (-18°C to 150°C) 
  • Help reduce metal-to-metal friction
  • Highly water resistant with excellent corrosion protection


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