LIQUI-TROL viscosifer is a free-flowing, liquid suspension of a modified natural cellulosic polymer, in an ultra-clean oil. LIQUI-TROL viscosifer of polymer when added to a QUIK-GEL® or BORE-GEL® slurry, yields a drilling mud system suitable for drilling in water sensitive formations. 

Applications and Functions

  • Can provide filtration control in fresh or brackish water-based drilling fluids
  • Can promote borehole stability in water sensitive formations
  • Can minimize rotational torque and circulating pressure
  • Can improve hole cleaning and core recovery 
  • Can stiffen the foam to improve cuttings transport in air/gel-foam drilling
  • Can reduce air requirements, uphole velocity and borehole annulus pressure


  • Effective in fresh water, salt water and brackish water-based drilling fluids
  • Effective in small quantities for filtration control
  • Non-fermenting 
  • Compatible with other Baroid drilling fluid additives
  • Resistant to harsh environments and contaminants


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