HDD-XG Viscosifier / Suspension Agent is a high quality, powdered biopolymer that is used to enhance the carrying capacity of both clay and polymer-based drilling fluids without significantly increasing the viscosity of the slurry. HDD-XG is readily mixable in fresh, brackish, or salt water.

Applications and Functions

  • Increased gel strength of the drilling fluid for better suspension of the drilled cuttings, coarse sand, and gravel
  • Enhanced carrying capacity for solids suspension at lower viscosity to further ensure flowability on longer length bores and back reams
  • Improved resistance to contamination when drilling in brackish and saltwater environments


  • Can mix easily into pre-hydrated bentonite-based fluids 
  • Helps enhance system by increasing the suspension properties of the base drilling fluid with a minimal increase in viscosity 
  • Small packaging for ease of handling and reduction of waste


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