DD-8 is an environmentally friendly lubricant and torque reducer for water based drilling fluids. DD-8 reduces friction between the drill rods and casing, and between the drill rods and the formation. DD-8 is biodegradable and contains no hydrocarbons. 

Applications and Functions

  • Reduces torque and drag 
  • Improves penetration rate 
  • Replaces refined or crude oil where their use is prohibited or improved lubrication is required 


  • Imparts extreme pressure lubrication to the drilling fluid 
  • Very low concentrations required 
  • Functions in fresh and salty water over wide pH range 
  • Functions in hard water (high calcium/magnesium concentration) 
  • Non-hazardous and non-polluting 
  • No objectionable odour 
  • Does not smear out on core or leave residual on inner tube 
  • Readily disperses in water with a minimum of agitation 


Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

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