BORE-GEL fluid system is a single sack, boring fluid system specially formulated for use in horizontal directional drilling (HDD) applications. BORE-GEL system is a proprietary blended product using high-quality Wyoming sodium bentonite. When BORE-GEL system is mixed with fresh water, it develops an easy-to-pump slurry with desirable fluid properties for HDD.

Applications and Functions

  • Optimum gel strength for cuttings suspension and transport 
  • Pumpable slurry with minimal viscosity 
  • High reactive solids concentration for improved borehole stability in poorly consolidated/cemented sands and gravel formations 
  • Reduced filtration via a thin filter cake with low permeability 
  • Lubrication of pipe in microtunneling operations  


  • NSF/ANSI/CAN Standard 60 certified 
  • Minimizes the number of boring fluid products required 
  • Easy to mix and fast to yield 
  • Low viscosity minimizes pump pressures 
  • Provides lubricity for pulling product line 
  • Can be used in Water Wells in unconsolidated formations or when additional gel strengths are required to compensate for low annular velocity


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