BIO-BORE horizontal directional drilling fluid concentrate is a free-flowing dry powder that, when mixed with fresh water, provides a clay-free, biodegradable drilling fluid for use in various drilling applications, particularly in the situation where clay-based drilling fluids are restricted.

Applications and Functions

  • Provide a clay-free drilling fluid 
  • Minimized formation damage 
  • Maximized recovery rate of contaminants during remediation 
  • Enhanced viscosity for hole cleaning 
  • High yield point and gel strength for effective suspension and transport 
  • Reduce filtration rate in poorly consolidated formation 
  • Improve borehole stability for easy well installation


  • Soluble in water and disperses easily with moderate shear 
  • Compatible with wide range of make-up waters 
  • Does not form filter cake on the wellbore 
  • Stable and yet biodegradable within a reasonable time frame 
  • Can be preserved with sodium hypochlorite
  • Breakdown chemically by calcium hypochlorite


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