BARO-GEL Viscosifier, is an easy-to-mix, finely ground (200 mesh), specially selected sodium activated bentonite for the vertical drilling industry. BARO-GEL viscosifier imparts viscosity, fluid loss control, and gelling characteristics to freshwater-based drilling fluids.

Applications and Functions

  • Mix with fresh water to form a low-solids drilling fluid for general drilling applications
  • Viscosify water-based drilling fluids
  • Reduce filtration by forming a thin filter cake with low permeability
  • Improve hole-cleaning capability of drilling fluids


  • Single sack product and cost-effective
  • Can provide lubricity for drilling fluids
  • Can mix easily and quickly reaches maximum viscosity
  • Can yield more than twice as much drilling fluid of the same viscosity as an equal concentration of an API oilfield grade bentonite.


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