Customer Workshops

For more than 50 years Baroid IDP has offered drilling fluid training to our customers with the annual customer workshops, often known as mud schools.

The annual 2022 Baroid IDP Customer Workshop(s) have been postponed due to circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 Delta Variant.

Please check with your area Baroid IDP Representative for Local and Regional Training opportunities.

Drilling disciplines covered:

  • Water Well - Fundamentals of drilling fluid properties; emphasis on drilling, completion and development practices.
  • Minerals Exploration - Fundamentals of drilling fluid properties with emphasis on wireline coring and air drilling techniques.
  • HDD - Fundamentals of drilling fluid properties in the horizontal directional drilling industry with an introduction to the Drilling Square.
  • Geothermal - Fundamentals of drilling fluid and grout design and use for ground source heat pump market; strong focus on new and innovative grout technologies.
  • Tunneling/Micro-Tunneling¬†- Fundamentals of fluid properties and application for face fluids and lubricating fluids in the tunneling and micro-tunneling markets.
  • Spanish Language Class - Covers the basic drilling fluids used in the Water Well, Horizontal, Geothermal, and Minerals Exploration industries.

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Welcome to Mud School

Practical Application and Management of Drilling Fluids

Welcome to Mud School

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