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CleanWave Water Treament Solution
CleanWave Water Treatment

Baroid IDP is proud to announce its introduction to the mine waste water industry with its novel CleanWave® treatment solution.

The Baroid IDP CleanWave mobile solution addresses unique aspects of the water chemistry of abandoned mines and mines actively in the dewatering process. It also eliminates capital expenditure as mining companies seek to increase profits and significantly reduce solids. CleanWave offers a broad range of disposal and handling options.

Electrocoagulation (EC)

The CleanWave® system uses electricity to promote coagulation of suspended matter in the mine waters. This process replaces well known precipitation and flocculation steps that add solids to the process and impact the performance and economics of other treatment technologies.

Lower Sludge Generation

Since no additional polymers or flocculants are added, the CleanWave® system generates a significantly smaller volume of sludge than long standing chemical processes. (See the CleanWave system in action)

Small Footprint

The CleanWave® system performs with a manageably small space, usually less than 800 square feet for a combined EC/RO solution. All of the equipment for these solutions can be trucked into rough terrain.

Lower Costs

The CleanWave® system lowers costs on a per gallon basis because it is service based, uses no chemicals, improves efficiency, and generates less sludge.

Custom Solutions

Baroid IDP CleanWave® system is more versatile permitting a scalable flow sheet for a range of water chemistries and volumes.

Case History

Baroid IDP's CleanWave® system has been effective in treating mine waste water in an abandoned gold/arsenic mine in the Rocky Mountain region. Read more about it here.

Water Treatment Resources

Water Volume Calculator - Calculate water volumes in Metric units for a given flow rate over a given length of time. This is a great resource for anyone who wants to estimate how much flow needs to be treated or even how much water/liquid volume passes through a unit, site, or location.


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